November at Résonance!

My next Résonance concert is 9pm next Tuesday, the 18th November.

As an impartial observer, I can assure you most assuredly that this is going to be a very good show!

Both parts will feature a few new pieces mixed in with the classic hits.

Last month there was a boy/girl who looked so forlorn when you didn’t show up. I’m sure she/he will be hoping to see you this month!

1st part

Amy Hillis, Kate Maloney – violins
Thomas Quail – viola
Jane Chan – cello

2nd part

Emma Frank – voice
Craig Pedersen, Simon Millerd – trumpets
Lyne Santamaria – horn
Claire Devlin, Micah Langer, Michael Johancsik – tenor saxes
Alex Truelove, Kalun Leung, Taylor Donaldson – trombones
Malcolm Sailor, Marie-Claire Durand – piano 4-hands
Joel Kerr – bass

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