Songs for Voice and Brass

Here are some songs I wrote for an ensemble of mostly brass, with the wonderful voice of the inimitable¬†Emma Frank. Rather than attempt to describe them, I’ll allow you listen for yourself:

Voice: Emma Frank
Horn: Lyne Santamaria
Trumpets: Ryan Frizzell, Craig Pedersen
Saxophone: Michael Johancsik
Trombones: Alex Truelove, Kalun Leung
Piano: Malcolm Sailor
Bass: Joel Kerr

Recorded by Gintas Norvila 2015

Being and Not Being Loved

This song is from Being and Not Being Loved, a chamber opera I wrote for Harp of the North that received its first performance in the fall of 2013.

Harp of the North

This was a project of mine of “chamber-pop” songs for voice, horn, violin, cello and double bass.

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