More 3rd-Tuesday-of-the-month goodness

My Résonance series goes on and on…

If you’ve ever wondered which stories your grandkids will be eye-wateringly bored by as, in your waning years, you regale them repetitively about the gold old days, well, then come to this show. Then you’ll know.

9pm, Tuesday 21 November
Café Résonance 5175A Ave du Parc

On the program:

Variation for Double Basses

Caroline Peach, Marie-Christine DesRosiers – basses

For 2 oboes and cello

Lindsay Roberts – oboe + english horn
Krisjana Thorsteinson – oboe
Jane Chan – cello


Jean-Sébastien Leblanc, Isak Goldschneider – clarinets
Ben Dwyer, Ted Crosby – saxes
Andy King, Craig Pedersen – trumpets
Taylor Donaldson, Alex Truelove – trombones
Malcolm Sailor – piano
Julie Houle – tuba
Antoine Ferron – double-bass
Jonathan Gagné – drums

The boring old internet gets a face-lift

You’ll all be exceedingly interested to know that I recently had the tremendous pleasure of introducing the internet to some new recordings of mine. Thanks to the fabulous, fantastic, and fantabulous (respectively) Thomas Quail, Jane Chan and мистериозната жена for their superlative contributions.

Another peak experience coming up at Café Résonance!

After taking an August break to consult with marketing agencies and run focus groups, my world-historical monthly series at Résonance is back and more finely tuned to conquer the top 40 charts than ever.

The series is exceptionally taking place on a friday this month in order to fall within the purview of Pop Montréal.

Hope to see you squeezed in among the throng!

9:00 pm, Friday, September 19th @ Café Résonance, 5175A Ave du Parc


Cello Sonata

Jean-Christophe Lizotte – Cello
Marc Wieser – Piano

Music for Brass Ensemble

Alexis Basque, Amy Horvey – trumpets
Lyne Santamaria, Simon Bourget – horns
Alex Truelove, Taylor Donaldson – trombones

“Jazz” Quartet

Ted Crosby – sax
Malcolm Sailor – piano
Ben Dwyer – bass
Mathew MacEachern – drums

My Resonance series strides boldly forward into deepest July!

July 15th @ Café Résonance, 5175A Ave du Parc.

I do hope you can come!

On the program:

Seven vocalizes for three women’s voices

Ellen Wieser, Rona Nadler, Meagan Zantingh – voice

The Youjsh

Isak Goldschneider – clarinet
Ryan Frizzell – trumpet
Adam Kinner – soprano sax
Malcolm Sailor – piano
Hans Bernhard – bass
Evan Tighe – drums

As always, PWYC, 9pm.

My Resonance series continues to continue!

Friday, June 27th, 9:00 pm at Café Résonance, 5175A ave du parc

Malcolm Sailor – piano

I will play some of new music, by myself!

Frédérique Tanguay-Gagnon – violon
Thomas Quail – viola
Jane Chan – cello

New music for string trio! If you’d like to know what it may sound like, you could try listening to the string quartets here and mentally subtracting one of the violins:

Jean-Sébastien Leblanc, Isak Goldschneider – clarinets
Ben Dwyer, Ted Crosby – saxes
Andy King, Craig Pedersen – trumpets
Taylor Donaldson, Karine Gordon – trombones
Malcolm Sailor – piano
Julie Houle – tuba
Antoine Ferron Geoffrey – double-bass
Mathew MacEachern – drums

Twelve musicians come together to make some dixieland/swing kind of noise. Listen here:


Those of you who are especially on-the-ball may have noticed that this month, my much ballyhooed third-tuesday-of-the-month series is NOT on the third-tuesday-of-the-month. If you fear for the tenuous emotional equilibrium which my dependably regular concert series supplies you, you’ll be relieved to know that, next month, it’s back to good old third-tuesdays as usual.

On the other hand, those of you who are more of the devil-may-care variety of person, scoffing in the face of irregularly scheduled events, may be interested to note that this show is in the vicinity of my birthday and, if so disposed, are welcome to help me celebrate accordingly.


Here’s the update on your third-tuesday-of-the-month plans for May!

9pm Tuesday May 20 @ Café Resonance 5175A Parc Ave

1st set:

Music for piano and violin and piano with:
Sergey Prokofyev – Violin
Anna Huettel – Piano

Anna plays some of my music for piano very impressively, I must say! Very grateful to her for all the work she has put in. And yes, Sergey Prokofyev is really Sergey Prokofyev’s real name!

(see the previous post for a recording of one of these pieces)

2nd set:

Songs for voice and large ensemble:
Emma Frank – Voice
Simon Millerd, Craig Pedersen – Trumpets
Mike Bjella, Micah Langer – Saxophones
Lyne Santamaria – Horn
Taylor Donaldson, Alex Truelove – Trombones
Marie-Claire Durand, Malcolm Sailor – Piano
Joel Kerr – Bass

Emma is a fabulous voice and presence, as I’m sure many of you know already. Very excited to present this music for the first time!

Did you ever wonder what it was like to be there at a seminal moment in world history?

Well, wonder no longer! I’m posting a new recording of a piece of mine today, so now you know exactly what it’s like!

This piece, among other works for piano and violin, will be performed at my Resonance series this month, on Tuesday, May 20th (as if it wasn’t already marked in your calendar), about which more shortly!

Your third-tuesday-of-the-month plans have not gotten any more difficult since last month

Another of my highly-anticipated posts regarding my highly-anticipated monthly concert at Resonance, tonight!

If you’d like to hear what you’ll be in for, you can listen to:

– several of the F in Fresh’s extraordinarily catchy synthy-pop tunes:

– an excerpt from the horn trios:

Just to be clear, even if you (tragically) can’t make it to the concert, you have my permission to listen to these links.

HOWEVER, that friend of yours told me he/she was going and was hoping to see you there, and I’m sure you don’t want to disappoint him or her.

If you want details, look no further:

String duos –
Aliza Thibodeau – violin
Karine Bouchard – cello

Horn trios –
Simon Bourget, Stephanie MacAlpine, Lyne Santamaria – horns

The F in Fresh –
Chesley Walsh – voice
Evan Tighe – electro-drums
Malcolm Sailor – synths

9:00pm, Tuesday, the 15th April
@Café Resonance 5175A Ave du Parc

Hope to see you and maybe that friend of yours there!

I make your third-tuesday-of-the-month-plans so easy!

Bored of the same old music by me? I bet you are! Why not come hear some brand new music by me?

My Café Resonance series continues this Tuesday the 18th with:

Duos for Trumpet
Amy Horvey and Ryan Frizzell – trumpets

Duo for Violin and Piano
John Corban – violin
Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw – piano

A set of music (old and new) for jazz quintet
Simon Millerd – trumpet
Mike Bjella – tenor sax
Malcolm Sailor – piano
Adrian Vedady – bass
Kai Basanta – drums

9:00 pm @ 5175A Ave du Parc

Facebook event here.


Clamoring legions, meet string quartets

First, I must apologize to my legions of clamoring fans for the hiatus in updating this site. Be reassured to know that it will not happen again, nor will I ever make any other lapses of any kind.

Second, I thought the above-mentioned legions might like to know that I recently recorded some of my pieces for string quartet:

The players were Genevieve Liboiron, Frédérique Tanguay-Gagnon, Jen Thiessen and Octavie Dostaler-Lalonde. What a privilege to work with such extraordinary musicians!

These are pieces which were first written for and performed at my monthly series at Café Resonance in january. The next installment is March 20th, more information soon.

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