for Violin and Piano

Mystery-man – violin
Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw – piano

composed by Malcolm Sailor, Fall 2013
recorded April 2014

String Quartet

Composed by Malcolm Sailor

First performed January 21 2014 @ Café Resonance

Recorded February 23 2014

Violin – Geneviève Liboiron, Frédérique Tanguay-Gagnon
Viola – Jen Thiessen
Cello- Octavie Dostaler-Lalonde

Many thanks to the musicians involved for taking time out of their harried schedules to play this music!

Horn Trios

Composed by Malcolm Sailor

Lyne Santamaria, Simon Bourget, Xavier Fortin – horns

Cello Sonata

Jean-Christophe Lizotte – cello
Marc Wieser – piano

composed by Malcolm Sailor 2011

recorded October 2014

String Trio

Composed by Malcolm Sailor

Violin – мистериозната жена
Viola – Thomas Quail
Cello – Jane Chan

Recorded July 2014

Brass Sextets

composed by Malcolm Sailor 2014

Alexis Basque, Misteri Sangkakala – trumpets
Lyne Santamaria, Xavier Fortin – horns
Alex Truelove, Taylor Donaldson – trombones

recorded November 2014

Tonight @ Café Résonance

My monthly series of music continues. There’s a heck of a lot of musicians this month, which means it will be particularly good.

Featuring hijinks, antics, and more hijinks.

9:00pm Tuesday, March 17
@ Café Résonance, 5175A Ave du Parc

On the program:


Pierre-Emmanuel Poizat, Jean-Sébastien Leblanc – Clarinets
Colin Power, Ted Crosby – Saxes
Adam Hébert, Craig Pedersen – Trumpets
Alex Truelove, Taylor Donaldson – Trombones
Julie Houle – Tuba
Malcolm Sailor – Piano
Antoine Ferron Geoffrey – Bass
Jonathan Gagné – Drums

Music for choir

Emily Gibson, Meagan Zantingh, Anna Lewton-Brain, Katherine Black, Christopher Hossfeld, Dave Benson, Damon Hankoff – voice

Duos for violin and cello

Amy Hillis – violin
Jane Chan – violoncello

Another death-defying batch of publicity stunts!

The next episode of my uncannily persistent series at the beloved Café Résonance is fast approaching.

9:00pm Tuesday, December 16th
@ Café Résonance, 5175A Ave du Parc

1st part –

New and old works for violin and piano with:

John Corban – violin
Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw – piano

2nd part –

Malcolm’s Uncharacteristically Straight-ahead Jazz Sextet

Premiering “This tune is so damn stuck in my head” and other catchy tunes with silly names

Andy King – trumpet
Ted Crosby – tenor saxophone
Alex Truelove – trombone
Malcolm Sailor – piano
Adrian Vedady – bass
Éric Thibodeau – drums

November at Résonance!

My next Résonance concert is 9pm next Tuesday, the 18th November.

As an impartial observer, I can assure you most assuredly that this is going to be a very good show!

Both parts will feature a few new pieces mixed in with the classic hits.

Last month there was a boy/girl who looked so forlorn when you didn’t show up. I’m sure she/he will be hoping to see you this month!

1st part

Amy Hillis, Kate Maloney – violins
Thomas Quail – viola
Jane Chan – cello

2nd part

Emma Frank – voice
Craig Pedersen, Simon Millerd – trumpets
Lyne Santamaria – horn
Claire Devlin, Micah Langer, Michael Johancsik – tenor saxes
Alex Truelove, Kalun Leung, Taylor Donaldson – trombones
Malcolm Sailor, Marie-Claire Durand – piano 4-hands
Joel Kerr – bass

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