Another peak experience coming up at Café Résonance!

After taking an August break to consult with marketing agencies and run focus groups, my world-historical monthly series at Résonance is back and more finely tuned to conquer the top 40 charts than ever.

The series is exceptionally taking place on a friday this month in order to fall within the purview of Pop Montréal.

Hope to see you squeezed in among the throng!

9:00 pm, Friday, September 19th @ Café Résonance, 5175A Ave du Parc


Cello Sonata

Jean-Christophe Lizotte – Cello
Marc Wieser – Piano

Music for Brass Ensemble

Alexis Basque, Amy Horvey – trumpets
Lyne Santamaria, Simon Bourget – horns
Alex Truelove, Taylor Donaldson – trombones

“Jazz” Quartet

Ted Crosby – sax
Malcolm Sailor – piano
Ben Dwyer – bass
Mathew MacEachern – drums

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