Film music demo reel

Over the past year, I’ve enjoyed writing music for a couple films (including Un Printemps D’ailleurs). I’d like to do more film composing, so I’ve put together the following demo reel of my music. On the left (or the top, if you’re viewing this on mobile) is orchestral music, rendered with midi sample libraries. On the right (or bottom), is music performed by live musicians.

Midi orchestral excerpts

Live musicians

Piano piece in E minor — animation

This fall I’ll be beginning a PhD in music theory. With my last gasps of freedom, I’ve got a few projects that I’ve been meaning to get out of the way. Among these are a few piano roll animations. Here is the first one, of a brand-new piano piece:

For the curious: I made this animation using Python to read the midi files and calculate the position of the notes and shadows, etc., in each frame. I then plotted each frame using R.

My Very Musical Friends and I in Concert!

Tonight it’s my honour to present a concert of my original music, some new, some old. We’ll be playing at the hallowed Café Resonance, 5175A Ave du Parc. I’d love to see you there!

Sadly, none of the works to be performed have been recorded yet. Nevertheless, as a teaser, here’s one of my other pieces for violin and piano:

On the program:

1st set: works for piano, violin, cello, and every combination thereof

Sua Choi – violin / Jane Chan – cello / Malcolm Sailor – piano

2nd set: “jazz” trio

Malcolm Sailor – piano / Martin Heslop – double-bass / Kyle Hutchins – drums

Songs for Voice and Brass

Here are some songs I wrote for an ensemble of mostly brass, with the wonderful voice of the inimitable Emma Frank. Rather than attempt to describe them, I’ll allow you listen for yourself:

Voice: Emma Frank
Horn: Lyne Santamaria
Trumpets: Ryan Frizzell, Craig Pedersen
Saxophone: Michael Johancsik
Trombones: Alex Truelove, Kalun Leung
Piano: Malcolm Sailor
Bass: Joel Kerr

Recorded by Gintas Norvila 2015

The Youjsh – Who’s Next?

all songs (c) Malcolm Sailor/SOCAN 2013
released June 14, 2013

Clarinet – Isak Goldschneider
Soprano Sax – Adam Kinner
Trumpet – Ryan Frizzell
Piano – Malcolm Sailor
Bass – Kathryn Palumbo
Drums – Philippe Melanson

Produced by Malcolm Sailor
Recorded by Paul Johnston at Studio 270 September 2012
Mixed by Hans Bernhard November 2012

Thanks to Paul, Hans, and Steve Day

Being and Not Being Loved

This song is from Being and Not Being Loved, a chamber opera I wrote for Harp of the North that received its first performance in the fall of 2013.

Harp of the North

This was a project of mine of “chamber-pop” songs for voice, horn, violin, cello and double bass.

Malcolm What’s-his-name and his Orchestra-or-whatever

Trumpets: Andy King, Ellwood Epps
Clarinets: Isak Goldschneider, Ted Crosby
Alto Sax: Brahja Waldman
Tenor Sax: Daniel Pencer
Trombones: Etienne Lebel, Alex Truelove
Piano: Malcolm Sailor
Tuba: Julie Houle
Drums: Evan Tighe

All songs composed by Malcolm Sailor
Recorded by Hans Bernhard

Malcolm Sailor Quartet

Malcolm Sailor – Piano, Composition
Adam Kinner – Tenor Saxophone
Adrian Vedady – Bass
Philippe Melanson – Drums
released January 21, 2010

Recorded by Andy Vial at Chromatic Audio, April 2009
Mixed and mastered by Jake Leckie
Art work and design by Michelle Furlong

The F in Fresh

Demo recordings

Music and Lyrics by Malcolm Sailor and Chesley Walsh
released April 13, 2014

Vocals – Chesley Walsh
Synths – Malcolm Sailor + a computer
Drums – Liam “mais oui” O’Neill
Moral Support – Parker Shper

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